Bridging Alpies from ETH to BSC
To bridge your Alpies from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain, please follow the steps below.
Step 2: Under the Source section, select Ethereum and connect to the ETH wallet address that stores your Alpies.
Step 2: Choosing source chain
Step 3: After you have connected to your wallet, choose the Alpie that you wish to bridge from ETH to BSC by clicking "Select a token". You can choose from the NFT list, or search the NFT using the Alpies contract address and the token ID. The selected NFT will be shown on the screen after the search is completed. After verifying the NFT, click the Next button. You'll then be forwarded to the Target section.
Alpies contract address (ETH): 0x57a7c5d10c3f87f5617ac1c60da60082e44d539e
Step 3: The selected NFT showing on the screen for you to verify
Step 4: Under the Target section, select Binance Smart Chain. After choosing the target chain, click the Next button. You'll then be forwarded to the Send NFT section.
Step 4: Choosing target chain
Step 5: Under the Send NFT section, you will be asked to initiate a transfer transaction on Ethereum. Click Transfer to initiate the transaction. When the transaction is completed, you will be navigated to the Redeem NFT section.
Step 5: Initiate a transfer transaction
Step 6: Under the Redeem NFT section, you will be asked to initiate a redeem transaction on the Binance Smart Chain. Click Redeem to receive the NFT on Binance Smart Chain.
Step 6: Redeeming the NFT on Binance Smart Chain
Step 7: Your Alpie has been bridged successfully to Binance Smart Chain! It will be in the same wallet address.
Bridged Alpies Contract Address: 0x077dc15c7ef8107e77daad8139158d9391261d40
If you leave the page before completing the Redeem step, you will need this transfer transaction hash to redeem the NFT on Binance Smart Chain.
Only Alpies bridged or native to BSC will be able to take advantage of utility on Alpaca Finance's platform; e.g., staking for higher leverage, etc.
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