AIP-15.4: AF2.0への報酬配布量

AF2.0 Incentivization Plan

For the AF2.0 Money Market’s launch, we would like to incentivize lenders and borrowers to bootstrap the activities.

  • Target TVL: $100Mn

  • Target APR%: ~1% higher than the benchmark platform

  • Duration: 2 months Total rewards required for AF2.0 MM launch is: $250k - $275k. You can see the analysis here.


This is the fourth vote in a series of votes for this AIP.

The vote will be a single choice where you can choose the $ amount to allocate for AF2.0's incentives.

  • Option1: 900,000 ALPACA (~$250k)

  • Option2: 1,000,000 ALPACA (~$275k)


  • The community voted to allocate 900,000 ALPACA (~$250,000) for AF2.0’s incentives.


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