💪Stronk Vault


🕕What is Stronk Vault?

It’s a limited-time Vault where you can deposit your locked portion of ALPACA tokens. In return, you’ll receive sALPACA (s is for Stronk 😅) which can be redeemed back at a 1:1 ratio for ALPACA in 4 months.

🔒What locked tokens are you talking about?

During the two-weeks bonus period, 70% of your token rewards were locked. They became available for withdrawal on Monday, April 12th, 2021.

❓Why make this Vault for the locked tokens?

Even though the locked tokens will be released linearly over a one-week period, some users are worried that the increase of ALPACA tokens hitting the market could create high selling-pressure, lowering the token’s price. As such, the Stronk Vault will offer stakers significant rewards, in order to distribute their market supply over four months to ease this selling pressure.

💸What are the benefits of the Stronk Vault?

Immediate liquidity to your locked 70% portion of tokens

Ability to immediately sell the locked tokens on PancakeSwap.

  • Your locked rewards will become transferable through a synthetic token, sALPACA.

  • The team will seed the liquidity pool for sALPACA.

Incentives for long-term hodlers

Opportunity to earn yield or acquire sALPACA at a lower price.

  • The price of sALPACA will be determined on the open market. You can choose to buy sALPACA if its price falls below ALPACA’s price.

  • You’ll then be able to stake sALPACA to receive further ALPACA rewards.

Token rewards

Although there are many benefits to staking in the Stronk Vault and converting your ALPACA tokens into sALPACA, in our eyes, you’ll also be showing your belief in the long-term success of our protocol. As such, we want to reward you for your loyalty.

That’s why we’ve allocated a total of 7,870,000 ALPACA tokens to be distributed as rewards into the sALPACA ecosystem. To earn ALPACA rewards, you’ll be able to stake your sALPACA tokens into the stake page as usual. Rewards will begin from block#5,694,800.

The emissions schedule for the Stronk Vault rewards is below. Please note that although it also has monthly periods, this Stronk schedule switches periods in the middle of the month, whereas the schedule for the other ALPACA emissions does so at the beginning of the month.


Period (approximate)

Period ending Block #

Allocation %

No. of Tokens


14/03 - 14/04





14/04 - 14/05





14/05 - 14/06





14/06 - 14/07




🙋Alpaca hungry! How can I eat rewards?

  • Soon, young Alpaca, soon… Starting March 15th, 2021, you’ll be able to deposit your locked ALPACA to receive sALPACA.

  • The deadline for deposits will be block#6,150,000 (Approximately March 31st, 2021). After this deadline, you’ll have to wait for the locked portion of the rewards to be unlocked naturally on April 12th, during which time you’ll receive no yield for them.

  • Please note that once your ALPACA is converted into sALPACA, you’ll only be able to redeem it back for the original ALPACA when Stronk Vault ends its rewards program four months later. Of course, you can sell it back to ALPACA on PancakeSwap at any time but the prices will be determined by the market.

  • Stronk Vault will end its program on block#9,122,000 (Approximately July 12th, 2021).

❤️Our Commitment

To show our long-term commitment to our users and the protocol, we will do the following:

  • Convert all our locked ALPACA rewards into sALPACA.

  • Provide 1,000,000 tokens to seed the PancakeSwap’s sALPACA-ALPACA pool, granting immediate liquidity to sALPACA. This will include a significant percentage of the team’s unlocked rewards, along with an equal portion of locked rewards at a 1:1 ratio.

  • We’ll also lock these LP tokens for the entirety of the 4-month period. They will not be withdrawable.

sALPACA token address: 0x6f695bd5ffd25149176629f8491a5099426ce7a7

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