🚀Launch Plan

Launch Plan

Alpaca Finance 2.0 Money Market will launch on Thur, 27th April 2023 with the following sequences.

Beta (soft) launch phase

Similar to how we launched AlPerp, we will also have a beta phase for AF2.0, which will run for 2 weeks (April 27th — May 10th). This period will give our users a chance to try out the product and for our team to work on feedback and make any necessary changes before the full-scale launch.

The following functionalities will be available at launch:

  • Lending: Deposit supported assets to earn yields

  • Tier system of lending assets for better risk management

  • Over-collateralized borrowing of supported assets

  • Cross-margin on both collateral and borrowing in lending

  • Multiple sub-accounts per wallet

  • Earn ALPACA incentive rewards from lending and borrowing activities (see below for more details)

Money markets open for deposit: 27 April, 10.00 AM UTC

Users will be able to start depositing / borrowing assets in the supported markets.

ALPACA emissions start: 27 April, 11.00 AM UTC

ALPACA rewards emissions will begin approximately 1 hour after we open the Money Markets pools. We’ve made AF2.0 more convenient, where you will no longer need to do any manual staking to earn ALPACA rewards. By depositing and/or borrowing, your rewards will be tracked automatically. As usual, you can claim ALPACA rewards any time with immediate liquidity.

The beta phase will have a lower emissions rate, which will then increase at the start of the full-scale launch in week #2.

Supported Assets

During the beta phase, we will support the following assets

  • BNB (Collateral Tier)

  • BTCB (Collateral Tier)

  • ETH (Collateral Tier)

  • USDT (Collateral Tier)

  • BUSD (Collateral Tier)

  • USDC (Collateral Tier)

With the full scale launch, these are some planned assets that will be added over time. This list is not exhaustive, and we will list more assets in partnership with other protocols through an updated Grazing Range program as well

  • TUSD (Collateral Tier)

  • BETH (Collateral Tier)

  • LTC (Collateral Tier)

  • CAKE (Collateral Tier)

  • XRP (Collateral Tier)

  • ADA (Collateral Tier)

  • DOT (Collateral Tier)

  • FANTOM (Cross Tier)

  • MATIC (Cross Tier)

  • LINK (Cross Tier)

  • UNI (Cross Tier)

  • DOGE (Cross Tier)

  • SHIB (Cross Tier)

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