Redeem AUSD for ALPACA

According to AIP-31, the community has decided to use the remaining assets in the stable swap module, including AUSD, to buy ALPACA in the open market. Consequently, users will be able to convert AUSD into ALPACA instead. Please note that users will need to manually redeem their AUSD for ALPACA on BSCscan.

To redeem AUSD for ALPACA, please follow the steps below:

  • Click "Connect to Web3" wallet (such as MetaMask) and make sure your network is set to BNB Chain. Click here if you do not have the network in your wallet yet.

  • Click the "1. claim (0x2e7ba6ef)" box.

  • Input the information as required in the form

You can find your information on our github here.

To find your information, you can simply find (Ctrl + F/command + F) your wallet address on the page and fill those information on the given link.

For example, if your wallet is "0x041119fbe4566cf5ca365a2c4a11d887163b2e86", you will need to find your information on github as follow

Thus, you will need to fill in the information as such:

index (uint256): 1

account (address): 0x041119fbe4566cf5ca365a2c4a11d887163b2e86

amount (uint256): 0x74b54b3da0cf8491

merkleProof (byte32[]): [0xe25f270f5fce01712fc8e8f322a7fbd4ab0c0a032a6d184720bbc3a9a07bbec7,0x5d2ea84833d57b6f0fa8c10b7b72c9b6cb9665f32668e6301d323f2fccc6dbc7,0x92297bf596bec434fdb69921506c463afa3200d4febb72038a96a1eea423d078,0x5074228b2c06b9bde8efb4d6b9066b966bd5dfcf0ebcf9b1d63d55f2d9775feb,0xf1b759e86819a8c0886fdad534fca4c039919badafc15d6b06381ee4868dd657,0x758940e4f4b045521ddd7bc505b8d83df848cb1c49bc8b24fc44751e17285ced,0x7e97ca88d6ba756e5cc4a1389e9a8574a11a61c96fcb5364fccec0054566e030,0x814acbe5d3a2d86de314e2897ac8594aaf0abe2dfa51342767006a7534ae3775,0x50e0316ab8275a5a88064a63bccd0f7e5e4cbf02719de94d04be298d0b138b18]

You need to adjust the merkleProof format from github as the following: - Remove all Quotation marks - Remove Space - Add Square Brackets at the start and the end of merkleProof

  • Click "Write" and you should get a pop-up notification in your MetaMask to accept the transaction.

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