Introduction to Alpies

Alpies are a hand-drawn, limited edition 10,000-piece NFT collection, which are released in two parts on BNB Chain and then ETH. Both sets are bridgeable between BNB Chain and ETH so you are able to trade them on OpenSea and other marketplaces.

The Dauntless

The Dauntless are the dark-themed Alpies. They are relentless capitalists, clearing their path to success through a fierce focus on execution. 5,000 Dauntless Alpies were sold on BNB Chain.
The Dauntless Alpies

The Dreamers

The Dreamers are light-themed Alpies. They are idealistic builders in their quest to grow the crypto industry into a financial utopia. 5,000 Dreamers Alpies were sold on Ethereum.
The Dreamers Alpies

Alpies' Utilities

In addition to being glorious profile pictures, these Alpies have important roles as heroes in our upcoming play-to-earn game, scheduled to be released in Q2 2022.
These NFT avatars are randomly generated from 200+ unique hand-drawn features of three rarities: common, rare, and epic. The rarer features give higher stats within the game. There are also set effects between some features.
You need to own 3 Alpies to play the game, however, the game will not be limited to only 3,333 players. These Alpies will give beta access to the game. Once the game goes public, it will be more inclusive because there will be a breeding mechanism which will allow these Alpies to produce more Alpies(different generation, lower stats). Breeding will earn Alpies holders revenues by allowing them to sell their newly generated Alpies. This mechanism is similar to Axie infinity.
However, please note that all the utility benefits listed for Alpies will be exclusive to this collection of 10,000 Alpies. The future Alpies that come from breeding will be playable in the game but not have these benefits.
Other exclusive benefits include:
  • Presale allocation of future Alpaca game project token
  • 50% higher max leverage on Alpaca Finance
  • Future NFT airdrops/giveaways
  • Beta access to Alpaca game
  • Higher game stats
  • Exclusive free game items
  • High-quality NFT Breeding
  • Access to exclusive Discords (Illamanati for Dauntless, Knights Tempaca for Dreamers, and both can access The Paws That Be)
  • Exclusive access to Alpaca physical merch

Buy your Alpies

You can get your hands on one of the Alpies in secondary marketplaces
The Dauntless collection on BNB Chain is listed at the following marketplaces:
The Dreamers collection on Eth is listed at the following marketplaces:

Sales Proceeds

  • 20% goes to ALPACA holders through buyback and burn. You can track our buyback and burn from Alpies here.
  • 5% goes to alpaca-oriented charities and rescue operations to help real alpacas in need. 🦙
There will also be 5% royalties on the Alpies, of which half (2.5%) goes to ALPACA holders through buyback & burn.
You can view your Alpies at the Alpies site gallery page here:
You can also view the rarity of your Alpies through Fabboard
  • Dauntless Alpies here.
  • Dreamer Alpies here.

Adding Alpies into your wallet

ALPIES contract addresses:

Bridged ALPIES contract addresses:

BNB Chain Dauntless bridged to ETH: 0x8cfde2c0c4e2474fe6dc3cef1bb908caa4a37f78
ETH Dreamers bridged to BNB Chain: 0x077dc15c7ef8107e77daad8139158d9391261d40
Add the token for Alpies to your Web3 wallet. If you don't know how to do that, we have a guide for metamask. Just use the above contract address for the set/network of your Alpie, instead of ALPACA, and set the decimal as 0. Guide here
If you use a Web3 wallet other than metamask, the process should be similar. If you still can't figure it out from the above guide, please google "how to add custom tokens to [WalletName]" and make sure the guide you find belongs to an official URL of the Wallet company.
Please also keep in mind the actual designs and features of your Alpies will not be visible until after the end of the Eth sale.