Transparency (Audits & Contracts)

🔎Audit Info - 23 audits

Leveraged Yield Farming Contracts (2 audits)
Grazing Range Contracts (2 audits)
Single-Asset Leveraged Yield Farming (3 audits)
Price Oracle Module (1 audit)
Optimized Worker (1 audit)
Partial Close Strategies (1 audit)
Add Collateral Routine (1 audit)
MDEX integration (1 audit)
Alpies NFT (1 audit)
AUSD (3 audits)
Governance Vault (1 audit)
Leveraged Yield Farming Contracts on Fantom (1 audit)
Market Neutral Vault (2 audits)
Perpetual Futures Exchange (1 audit)
AF2.0 (1 audit)
Automated Vault V3 (1 audit)

📃Relevant Contract Addresses

All the most up-to-date contract addresses can be found on our GitHub page.
BNB Chain mainnet: here
Fantom mainnet: here
Testnet: here
We also list some of the most relevant addresses below:
ALPACA token:
Due to the Multichain platform being discontinued, it's not possible anymore to bridge ALPACA token between BNB Chain and Fantom. As a consequence, we had to discontinue the support for ALPACA token on Fantom. You can still swap your ALPACA token on Fantom for another token and bridge that token back to BNB Chain.
However, if you still have ALPACA locked in the governance on Fantom, follow the instruction here to get your token back on BNB chain.
PCS (V1) ALPACA-BNB LP token: 0xf3ce6aac24980e6b657926dfc79502ae414d3083
PCS (V2) ALPACA-BNB LP token: 0x1099c2e6ed6eba95099c205b599b409305783e43
PCS ALPACA-BUSD LP token: 0x7752e1fa9f3a2e860856458517008558deb989e3
Automated Vault Mgmt Fee Treasury: 0x7e2308437c2f4c8934214663dc8476037625a270
Automated Vault Withdrawal Fee Treasury: 0x417d3e491cbaad07b2433781e50bc6cd09641bc0
Governance Vault ALPACA Rewards Distribution Address: 0xABBEE41c790556b1c1994AbBCeE898933Dd8C609

Liquidation Bot Addresses

Liquidation Treasury V1 (the portion that goes towards buyback & burn):
Below are the addresses of our in-house liquidation bots (AF1.0)
Liquidation Treasury V2:
Below are the addresses of our in-house liquidation bots (AF2.0)

Contract Documentation

You can review documentation of our contract here.

Proxy Contracts

Please refer to the below Medium article for an explanation of upgradable proxy contracts:

Liquidation Tx Records

You can view historical records of liquidated positions in the links here.