Early Withdrawal

Early withdrawal function allows you to withdraw locked ALPACA in the Governance Vault with penalty.
  • The penalty for early withdrawal will be 0.5% of the withdrawn amount per day of remaining locked time (max. 10.5%).
Alice wants to perform an early withdrawal of 100 locked ALPACA from the Governance Vault, but she only withdrew the token 5 days ago. Alice will have to pay:
Penalty = 0.5% * (21 - 5) = 8.0% of the withdrawn amount.
And she will receive: 100 ALPACA * (100% — 8.0%) = 92.0 ALPACA
According to the community vote in AIP-3, the allocation of the penalty from early withdrawal will be distributed as follow:
  • 50% of the penalty will go towards weekly burn
  • 50% will be distributed as rewards to the Governance Vault’s stakers in the following week.
Although we hope none of you will ever have to use this feature, it’s always good to have extra options, and now that we’ve presented the appetizer, it’s time to get to the main course.
You can read Step-by-Step Guide here.