AIP-15.5: Sources for Incentives - Incentives for New Upcoming Products (Perp, AF2.0):

Sources for the incentives

Based on the result of the 3rd and 4th vote, we will need a total of 1,750,000 ALPACA
  • 850,000 ALPACA for Perp
  • 900,000 ALPACA for AF2.0 Money Market
We will prioritize using ALPACA from the sources that are already available first.

First priority

  • Liquidation treasury
  • Early withdrawal treasury
  • Unclaimed ITAM rewards
Based on the current assets’ price, these three sources already add up to ~2 million ALPACA, which is sufficient for the voted amount (1.75 million.) See here.
However, there is a chance that some of the ITAM rewards will be claimed before the deadline (15th March), dropping the ALPACA amount below what is required. Thus, this vote will focus on the secondary sources, as contingencies, in case there is a shortfall.
The options are:
  • February emission - Since we will not know if there will be a shortfall until mid March, if the community decides to pause February emission (~240k ALPACA), we will stop the emission in February, and reserve them for incentives. If they are not required, the community can later decides what to do with the amount - e.g., resume emission, burn, reserve as incentives for future products, etc.
  • Buyback and burn - We would only pause the burn in March if there is a shortfall
  • Governance Vault - We would only redirect a portion of the Governance Vault’s distribution in March if there is a shortfall
  • Warchest - Will only mint warchest if the above three sources are not enough to cover the amount required


We will use the “Approval” voting system for this AIP. Please read the details below carefully since this system is different from the single choice voting we typically do.
  • Option1: February Emission
  • Option2: Buyback and Burn
  • Option3: Governance Vault Distribution
  • Option4: Warchest
You may select ("approve") any number of choices, other choices that you DO NOT select are automatically considered as NOT approved.


  • Alice selects to approve February emission and Buyback and Burn in her vote. This means she approves these two options and automatically disapprove the use of Governance Vault Distribution and Warchest
Choices with greater than 50% approval votes will be used as funding sources, but ONLY in the case there is a shortfall. Choices with less than 50% approval votes will NOT be used as funding sources.


  • The community voted to approve February emission as funding source.