Proficiency Exams (earn NFTs)

Dear alpacas,

Leverage can be a powerful tool but it also comes with added risk. That’s why educating the community has always been one of our top priorities — second only to the platform’s security. That’s why from the very beginning, we developed Alpaca Academy: a series of lessons, strategies, and useful tools fully dedicated to educating young and veteran Alpacas alike on how to stay safe and profitable while using Alpaca Finance.

Our Herd has seen massive growth in recent weeks, and we are happy to see many young alpacas learning, asking questions, and sharing ideas in our social channels. We know that reading can be boring. That’s why we have also created videos in our YouTube channel with tutorials and basic strategies for young alpacas to consume.

Yet, we always want to do better; to go a step further. We want to create something more fun and interactive, and at the same time, give our users confidence that they are indeed knowledgeable enough to use our products safely. So today, senior alpacas are very happy to announce the newest addition to our Alpaca Academy — the Alpaca Proficiency Exam! (aka APE 😄.)

The APE is divided into 3 levels. Each level has an exam that will test your knowledge and understanding of leveraged yield farming and the Alpaca Finance platform. Users who complete each exam level with full marks will be eligible to receive exclusive NFTs for doing so. (Multiple attempts on the exams are possible. So don’t worry and try your best.)

On the 1st and 15th of each month, we will collect the list of users eligible to receive the NFTs, and allow them to claim. The first tally will be on September 1st.

The Exams are now live. So hurry and become the first group of alpacas to become APE certified and receive the NFTs! That’s right, ape into the APE! APE Level I: KinderPaca

APE Level II: TeenPaca

APE Level III: PhDPaca

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