Useful Tools

🧮 Yield Farming Calculator

Scenario analyses on how different variables - price, yield, borrowing interest, and leverage level impact your position value and profitability.

💻 Yield Farming Emulator

Test version of Alpaca's website app. Simulates opening a leveraged yield farming position.

📊 Dashboards

These third-party websites integrate Alpaca Finance and allow you to track your assets in our ecosystem.

📈 Data

Historical data of Alpaca platform

🧰 Other

  • Alpaca Guard Watcher on Telegram Notifies on Alpaca Guard activations/deactivations. When AG is activated, it sometimes goes on and off more often than you'd think. So it may seem it's on for a while but during that time it actually has windows of off-time when you can adjust your positions. So if you're eager to adjust one position and AG is activated, you can watch this Telegram channel for alerts.
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