🗺️ Roadmap

The sky is (not) the limit!

(*Updated 8/21/21)

Below, you’ll find Alpaca’s roadmap, but first, we’ll share with you our high-level goals for Alpaca Finance in 2021:

  1. Establish the most comprehensive and advanced leveraged yield farming ecosystem with highly-composable features, integrating with the top AMMs and protocols across BSC.

  2. Increase the ALPACA token’s long-term value and utility within our ecosystem through additional deflationary mechanisms and protocol use-cases, as well as across the DeFi-space through accelerating marketing and business development activities (partnerships, cross-platform lending, CEX listings, etc).

  3. Optimize protocol security and robustness through audits and additional security measures.

  4. Implement NFT campaigns utilizing Alpaca’s unique branding, and integrate those NFTs with platform features that improve engagement, deliver genuine utility, and offer increased yields.

  5. Establish Alpaca Finance as a foundational layer in the DeFi landscape through horizontal and vertical protocol integrations, unmatched composability and leverage offerings, and cross-chain expansions.

Q1 2021:

✔️ Fair Launch ALPACA token

✔️ BUSD and BNB single-asset staking vaults

✔️ ALPACA/wBNB PancakeSwap LP staking vault

✔️ Stronk Vault and sALPACA(experimental synthetic with futures+bond elements)

✔️ Complete Audits with PeckShield and Certik

✔️ Launch Leveraged Yield Farming with new auto-compounding pools, providing leverage on popular PancakeSwap pools

✔️ Token Value Expansion — add buyback and burn mechanisms to make ALPACA long-term deflationary (more explained below)

✔️ Launch Liquidation Bot (Although liquidation will still be possible for external parties to avoid centralization and single point of failure, we’ll have an in-house liquidation bot that should be faster). 100% of the 5% liquidation fee will go towards ALPACA buyback and burn (first deflationary mechanism, implemented on LYF launch)

✔️ 50% of the 10% interest rate fee for borrowing/leveraged farming will be used on ALPACA buyback and burn. This means half of the leveraged farming fees will go towards token holders in the form of burn (second deflationary mechanism, implemented on LYF launch)

Q2 2021:

✔️ Provide ability to add liquidity to pools directly on our platform

✔️ Integrate with more PancakeSwap pools

✔️ CEX listings (8/? completed)

✔️ Featured Leveraged Pools Program - Develop partnerships to provide leverage to BSC projects.

✔️ Launch new single-asset deposit vaults for borrowing and lending

  • ✔️ETH

  • ✔️ALPACA

  • ✔️USDT

  • ✔️BTCB

✔️ Add ALPACA-paired leveraged yield farming pools

✔️ Complete two more audits with SlowMist and inspex

✔️ Grazing Range Pools: users will be able to stake ibALPACA to farm the tokens of partners in the Featured Leveraged Pools Program

✔️ Alpaca’s first NFT campaign: the first short animated series in NFT form

✔️ NFT farming through Grazing Range

✔️ Improved on BSC network syncing issues by developing our own index node solution

✔️ Built advanced Alpaca Guard to prevent price manipulation and flash liquidations, significantly improving the safety factor of leveraged yield farming

✔️ Double-asset borrowing: allow borrowing of either asset in a pool, permitting powerful shorting and hedging strategies

✔️ Customize in-house solution for accurate tracking of PancakeSwap trading fees

✔️ Integrate with more DEXes to add new pools(WaultSwap)

✔️ Complete three more Audits with PeckShield, Inspex, and SlowMist

✔️ Single-asset Leveraged Yield Farming(LYF) allowing borrowing of any asset. First pool CAKE

✔️ Add utility to ALPACA token: performance fee sharing with protocol (single-asset LYF)

✔️ Partner with more projects to build off our protocol by using our ALPACA token and vaults in their strategies. For example, incentivizing others to create more ALPACA staking vaults

Q3 2021:

✔️ Chainlink oracle integration

✔️ Add advanced LYF features:

  • ✔️ Adjust leverage when adding collateral

  • ✔️ Partial LYF position closing with leverage adjustment

✔️Add more utility to ALPACA token within our protocol

  • ✔️ More buyback & burn from lending

  • ✔️ More buyback & burn from liquidations

✔️ Add additional lending pools

  • ✔️ TUSD

✔️ Add more pools from integrated DEXes

✔️ Integrate support for additional web and mobile wallets

✔️ Add multi-language support

  • ✔️ Website

  • ✔️ Docs

  • 🔜 Tutorial videos (3/6)

✔️ Allow adding collateral while Alpaca Guard is on

✔️ Allow adding any amount of collateral even when below min. debt ratio

✔️ Long-term Grazing Range Pools (Scientix)

✔️ Launchpad Grazing Range Pools (LatteSwap)

✔️ Profit and Loss metrics on Your Positions dashboard for farming positions

✔️ Additional Audits (3/? completed)

✔️ Additional CEX listings (10/? completed)

🔜 Create AUSD stablecoin

🔜 Integrate with more DEXes

  • Integrate transaction routing to external protocols for minimizing price impact when opening/closing leveraged yield farming positions

  • Additional undisclosed strategic features

Q4 2021:

  • NFT Utility Integration (not only NFTs but ones that integrate with leveraged yield farming)

  • Partner with lending protocols to accept ibTOKENS as collateral

  • Partner with protocols to adopt AUSD

  • Multi-chain expansion

  • Create an SDK: improve composability for other protocols, funds, and institutions to integrate our products

  • Add more single-asset LYF pools

  • Add additional lending pools

  • Implement Governance

  • Add more protocol utility for AUSD

  • Add staking vault strategies to improve capital efficiency; implement additional yield-generation methods for funds in our protocol

  • Additional Audits

  • Additional CEX listings

  • Integrate with more DEXes

  • Add more pools from integrated DEXes

  • Fund 3rd-party teams to build ecosystem dApps off Alpaca:

    • dashboards

    • trading platform with automation options, etc.

  • Expand institutional offerings

  • Augment the lending power of the protocol; allow external parties to borrow from our deposit vaults.

  • Additional undisclosed strategic features

The roadmap is subject to change. Major features with strategic value may not be included as hinted at in the last items of Q3 and Q4. We don't want to leak too much alpha here 😏😏😏 but rest assured that we're working tirelessly to grow Alpaca Finance to become the #1 on-chain leverage protocol on BSC, and someday--more.

In addition, we always love to hear suggestions and ideas from our community members, so please join our Discord and make your voice heard!