Open a Leveraged Yield Farming Position

Alpaca Finance allows users to open leveraged yield farming positions on PancakeSwap and WaultSwap pools.

To open a leveraged yield farming position, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Alpaca Finance Farm page (

  • Connect to your Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) and make sure your network is set to intended chain (i.e. BNB chain, Fantom). Click here if you do not have the network in your wallet yet.

  • Select you desired farming pool. You can see all the list of all the supported pools here.

  • Click "Farm"

  • Enter the amount you'd like to Farm with

    • You may supply any combination of the two assets in the farming pair. Our smart contract optimally converts your deposited assets and the borrowed assets to get an equal value-split to supply the farming liquidity pool.

  • Select your desired leverage. Each pool has a distinct maximum leverage level.

  • Select the asset you wish to borrow. (For farming pools where we have deposit vaults for both assets, you will be able to select which asset you wish to borrow.)

  • After clicking "Farm", you should get a pop-up notification in your MetaMask to accept the transaction

  • Wait for the transaction to be processed

  • Once the transaction has gone through, you'll see your farming position in the "Your Positions" section of the Portfolio page.

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