📃Transparency (Audits & Contracts)

🔎Audit Info

Leveraged Yield Farming Contracts (2 audits)

Grazing Range Contracts (2 audits)

Single-Asset Leveraged Yield Farming (3 audits)

Price Oracle Module (1 audit)

Optimized Worker (1 audit)

Partial Close Strategies (1 audit)

Add Collateral Routine (1 audit)

📃Relevant Contract Addresses

All the most up-to-date contract addresses can be found on our GitHub page here. We also list some of the most relevant addresses below:

ALPACA token: 0x8f0528ce5ef7b51152a59745befdd91d97091d2f

sALPACA token: 0x6f695bd5ffd25149176629f8491a5099426ce7a7

Timelock: 0x2D5408f2287BF9F9B05404794459a846651D0a59

Fairlaunch: 0xA625AB01B08ce023B2a342Dbb12a16f2C8489A8F

PCS (V1) ALPACA-BNB LP token: 0xf3ce6aac24980e6b657926dfc79502ae414d3083

PCS (V2) ALPACA-BNB LP token: 0x1099c2e6ed6eba95099c205b599b409305783e43

PCS ALPACA-BUSD LP token: 0x7752e1fa9f3a2e860856458517008558deb989e3

Proxy Admin: 0x5379F32C8D5F663EACb61eeF63F722950294f452

All other mainnet contracts: https://github.com/alpaca-finance/bsc-alpaca-contract/blob/main/.mainnet.json

Testnet contracts: https://github.com/alpaca-finance/bsc-alpaca-contract/blob/main/.testnet.json

Liquidation Bot Addresses

Liquidation Treasury (the portion that goes towards buyback & burn): 0x0FfA891ab6f410bbd7403b709e7d38D7a812125B

Below are the addresses of our in-house liquidation bots

Proxy Contracts

Please refer to the below Medium article for an explanation of upgradable proxy contracts: